We specialise in the treatment, prevention, and overall health of hand and upper limb injuries.

You do everything with your hands.

We do everything to heal them

The Hands Physio has over twenty years experience in treating hand and upper limb injuries and was founded by Rebecca and Stephen Farr in 1998.  
We are based on principals, not protocols. Rather than just following a universal recipe for treatment, we treat each patient according to their individual needs. We focus on tissue healing and mechanisms of injury, founded upon our knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and our team genuinely cares for each individual who walks through the front door.

  • Athletes
  • Elderly
  • Musicans
  • Work Injuries
  • New Mums
  • Children
  • HSC Students


  • We believe people matter.
  • We believe your body has great potential to heal given the right environment.
  • We believe in challenging the status quo.
  • We believe in our empathy, expertise and skill to empower you to overcome your injury.

Excellent Telehealth Physiotherapy Treatments:

At The Hands Physio we are now offering excellent Telehealth physiotherapy treatment programs. See how Telehealth works here.
We are operating under NSW health guidelines to keep you safe during the COVID-19 season.