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Who we are

Rebecca Farr
Rebecca Farr
Founding Director

The Hands Physio has over twenty years experience in treating hand and upper limb injuries.
The Hands Physio was founded by Rebecca and Stephen Farr in 1998.  Rebecca Farr graduated with a degree in physiotherapy from The University of Sydney in 1995, with first class honours in research. She then went on to train at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, tutor at Sydney University in anatomy and physiology and later learn the ropes of  private practice work in the outskirts of Sydney.

In response to the demand from hospitals, doctors and industry for a hand therapy clinic in the Inner West, The Hands Physio was established. Rebecca’s passion for helping people, coupled with her knowledge of anatomy, hand and upper limb injuries and her innate business sense, provided a solid foundation for a clinic that provided excellence in hand therapy.

Rebecca was 24 years old when the adventure started. From its humble beginnings, operating alone out of the front room of her house, The Hands Physio has now grown into a well-established and well-respected practice with a team of physiotherapists that perform approximately 8000 consultations a year.  The success of this business has been led by Rebecca’s passion to care for and value all patients, providing them with excellence in diagnosis, education and treatment.

The Hands Physio is based on principles, not protocols. Rather than just following a universal recipe for treatment, each patient is treated according to their individual needs. The Hands Physio focuses on tissue healing and mechanisms of injury, founded upon a knowledge of anatomy. The Hands Physio team genuinely cares for each individual who walks through the front door.

Having a high regard for excellence, The Hands Physio is informed by current literature and the latest developments in hand therapy.  Professional development of all staff is prioritised and driven by Rebecca’s passion to help people recover as quickly and fully as possible.  The Hands Physio embraces difficult injuries and doesn’t shy away from people in complex situations. The Hands Physio will continually look for solutions for patients, surgeons, doctors, insurance companies and workplaces.

The Hands Physio Cares

The Hands Physio’s care for humanity exists and extends beyond the workplace. We have a driving desire to help others and value the quality of life,  regardless of where it is. Our team is passionate about partnering with other individuals and organisations that share our values, and doing what we can to support those efforts around the globe.

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Meet our team of

Qualified hand therapists

Jian Ping Ho

Jian graduated with first class honours from Curtin University. Jian has worked in various areas of physiotherapy, with a special interest in Hand and Upper Limb Injuries. Jian is a dedicated and compassionate physiotherapist, passionate about helping people regain their function and achieve their goals. She enjoys treating traumatic injuries and conditions, and always strives to achieve the best outcome for her patients. She is fluent in Mandarin, Malay and basic Cantonese.

Teresa Jia

Teresa is a passionate and dedicated physiotherapist, focused in hand, wrist and upper limb injuries at The Hands Physio. She has developed a keen interest in managing complex injuries and seeks creative treatment approaches to generate optimal results for her patients. Teresa is proficient in speaking Mandarin and Shanghainese.

Hee Soon (Hope) Yang

Hope is a recent graduate in Physiotherapy from Western Sydney University. She gained valuable clinical experience in both hospitals and private practice settings during her training. Her journey with us started as an administrative assistant, where she showed a keen interest in Hand and Upper Limb Injuries. Interestingly, she had previously worked as a certified practicing accountant (CPA) but chose to study physiotherapy because of her passion for helping people with disabilities regain their functionality and reach their goals. She is fluent in both English and Korean.