Lifting and Feeding Techniques for Infants

Education On Lifting And Feeding Infants

Lifting, carrying and feeding young children places stress upon your hands, especially on your thumb and wrist area.
The following suggestions may be helpful:

  • Scoop your baby with your thumb and wrist relaxed when picking them up from a car seat or cot.  Keep a wide base of support and keep your child close to your body.
  • Avoid long periods of sustained holding or gripping.  Use a bouncer or play-mat instead.
  • Watch the position of your thumbs when feeding – rest the babies head in the palm of your hand with your thumbs relaxed.  Use a pillow for support.  
  • Change your feeding position regularly.
  • When feeding hold your babies head with the palm of your hand, keep your wrist straight and thumb relaxed.
  • If expressing milk, use an electric pump.
  • Carry your baby close to you; use a sling or a pouch.
  • When driving or pushing a pram, keep your thumb next to your index finger (and not sticking out to the side).
  • Put the car seat/capsule close to the passenger door for easier lifting.

Stressful thumb & wrist position
Relaxed thumb and wrist
Scooping Position
Feeding hold position
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