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5 Characteristics of Skilled Physiotherapists

 At The Hands Physio, we want to put our patients in the best of hands (literally). Our patient’s health is our top priority therefore, we ensure our team of physiotherapists are both capable and qualified to serve you. Here are 5 skills you can find in our Physiotherapists that define your experience at The Hands Physio.

1. Build Trust

Trust is a Privilege

Our first interaction with our patients is designed to build TRUST. With over 20 years of patient relations, we are very aware that it takes courage for someone to sit down in front of a stranger and say what’s troubling them. Therefore, we make it our job to create a safe space for them to do so. Every person’s experience is unique to them. We may have the knowledge they need but we don’t have a right to assert our thoughts without first building a connection. By being PRESENT in the consultation, we gain trust and gather relevant information to give the proper diagnosis. 

2. Two Ears One Mouth

Their Story Matters

Listening is a skill often neglected in time poor environments, but it is essential in collecting information. The person’s concerns, challenges, and desires build a picture of how their injury is affecting them and directs therapists in designing an effective, personalized treatment program. Typically, in medicine we focus on what we want to accomplish, but at The Hands Physio, we believe it is important to really listen and show interest in their story as well.

Note that a holistic approach can be beneficial. Our patients are often informed about their condition through online search; therefore, it is our job to listen to their needs to make the correct assessment. People show greater satisfaction when they feel heard and included in the conversation about treatment options. 

2. Connecting the Dots


By building genuine connections with our patients, our physiotherapists connect the dots and collect important information for diagnosis. This can include learning about a patient’s culture or family history to explain their response to pain or deformity. With our knowledge of anatomy, musculoskeletal injuries, diseases, and our understanding of the body’s mechanics, we can explain to our patients what is happening, their options for treatment, how long treatment will take, and how it may affect their lifestyle.

4. Hand to Hand

Strength in Our Fingers

As therapists we have the unique opportunity to assess injuries with the tips of our fingers. Appropriate touch for injury, deformity, or pain assessment should not be underestimated. Some medical tests can be intimidating and impersonal i.e., x-rays or MRI’s. While sometimes necessary, they are becoming over utilised when so much information can be gained through feeling and observation. The Physiotherapist is skilled in feeling movement and structures that are damaged. Their hands on assessment can also tell us a lot about nerves; if they are compressed, and how to locate areas of compression. Experienced therapists know correct mechanical movements and can feel for deviations. Our special area of training is around muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and bones. With touch, we can decipher any dysfunction in normal movement while also making sure our patients are comfortable.

5. Creative Coaching

An Innovative Approach

Skilled therapists can educate a person about their condition and help establish active patient orientated goals to create a customised treatment plan.  It is essential to have the patient’s involvement to get them active in their healing process. We believe the days of passive patients are over! We want our patients to do what is required to bring about a speedy recovery and establishing creative treatment plans that fit within their lifestyle is a great start. No two people are the same, therefore we design exercises and treatments that are personal and achievable to them.

Being a Physiotherapist is unlike any other profession and by being able to help people recover from injury, deformity or pain makes the job well worth doing!

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