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Mental Health Day: Staff Self-Care

Saying thank you to our wonderful staff

The staff at The Hands Physio are hands-down our greatest asset. They are highly skilled and work tirelessly every day to find solutions and innovative ways to treat and support our lovely patients through an array of trauma. Working on the frontline can be immensely stressful and does take a toll on their overall mental health and well-being. So recently at The Hands Physio we took time to stop everything and say thank you to our wonderful staff!

We wanted to celebrate them and recognize their hard work and create a space where we could all connect while enjoying each other’s company over lots of food, conversation and of course face masks. There was plenty of lunacy and laughter, with everyone smiling from ear to ear. It was in that moment that we visibly saw our staff relax and it was so rewarding to see everyone enjoying themselves and taking this time for some well-deserved self-care. 

Given the demanding nature of this profession, I want to make sure that our staff always feel supported and know how much we value their health and well-being because we are endlessly grateful for what they do every day. In case you haven’t noticed, The Hands Physio has the best staff ever. 

True heroes

Health care professionals are constantly giving, and now more than ever they need to be recognised and appreciated for their work. It is an absolute privilege to treat people who suffer from injury and disease however, it does have a cost, especially when working through a pandemic. We constantly navigate situations under pressure while helping people recover and have had to deal with a lot more anxiety, stress, anger, suicide risk, unrealistic demands, and people when they’re not at their best.

Navigating through turbulent times

Due to the unprecedented events of the Covid-19 pandemic, the staff at The Hands Physio have had to adjust their personal lives to make sure they are available for our clients. They have made many personal sacrifices such as not visiting loved ones in nursing homes, cancelling important family events, and managing the personal uncertainty that this pandemic has caused. These are just some of the examples of how our health care workers show their selflessness, and it is important to acknowledge that this does take a toll on them. Nonetheless, our Hands Physio staff have navigated these turbulent times with grace and professionalism. 

Making a difference since 1996

The Hands Physio has been running for 25 years and with that comes many responsibilities! Over this time, we have had to evolve, adjust, and learn how to handle new challenges and obstacles. While this can be overwhelming and cause us to put our mental health on the back burner, it is important to stop, reflect, and value the work of our staff, which is why this day was so vital for us. 

Despite this tough season, we have witnessed so many wonderful stories of patients overcoming great adversity. And these stories help us remember and reflect on why we do what we do.

Making another person’s life better is truly the best thing you can invest in.